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June. 29. 2018

Fight for Earth - out now


We are really excited to share with you our new Single.

For more platforms, lyrics and info click: HERE



Please help us spread the word


Huge thanks to :


All of you that supported our crowd investment campaign on Global Rockstar - you guys are awesome. Our friend and film maker Bernhard Mayr and to your team for another great video.

Werner Angerer for recording us and mixing

To our sound engineer Rexhe Qufaj for the master.

To Janne Kliegl, Birgit Trauner & Annie Gschwandtner for the beautiful backing vocals.

To Lore Stellek & Alexandra Buschmann for beautiful body painting.

Christof Straub from Global Rockstar for the awesome platform


June. 12. 2018

Thanks for believing in us guys!


There is still 8 days left in our campaign with Global Rockstar and only less than 12% remaining. That is amazing - thank you guys, thanks for supporting us!



We would like to extend an extra thanks to Andrea from:




She made the biggest investment so far. We met up last week, check out the video:





May. 15. 2018

Global Groove LAB joins Global Rockstar for "Fight for Earth"


Join us and you can be a share holder of our Single for 70 years!



We hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak of our new song. Please check out our project page on Global Rockstar for more info and we hope you will invest in us.




May. 08, 2018

Global Groove LAB will join Global Rockstar for "Fight for Earth"




more info about our cooperation next week also a sneak peak to our song "Fight for Earth", in the mean time check them out:



June. 20, 2017

Strand Gut Festival


On 8th of September 2017 we are playing at Strand Gut Festival in Kamptal. Awesome festival in a gorgeous part of Austria with amazing wine. They do however need your help bringing even more bands to the festival:




Please visit them here and get your ticket now:



June. 19, 2017

New band member!


We would like to officially welcome Stavros Chilas from Greece to the GGLab family.



He is an amazing guitarist and musician. Looking forward to lots of crazy times on and off the stage



April. 25, 2017

New Haris Pilton Remix video from Paper


Very happy to share a new video of the Haris Pilton remix of our song with you guys. Check out more of his work here:


Get the whole Single here: SHOP



big thanks to Bernhard Mayr & a&b Film- und Videoproduktion for the cool remix video. If you haven't seen the original video - do that now: VIDEO



March. 09, 2017

We've uploaded another track from our album


You can listen to Drifters Losers for free on Please take a second and give us a rating. This will help us getting on their sampler. No need to log in, just follow the link, by clicking the pic below. Thanks guys and enjoy the track!



Oct. 26, 2016

Our new live video is here - Enjoy :)



big thanks to Bernhard Mayr & a&b Film- und Videoproduktion team for making it



Oct. 10, 2016

"This music does not need a message, this music is the message"


Wow thank you for these wonderful words. Check out the rest of the review (in German) here:



Thanks to everybody for coming out, we had a blast! More photos coming soon, in the meant time check on Facebook


Sept. 19, 2016

Global Beatz Festival  -  7. of October 2016



Looking much forward to this one. Please come out to support us and two other great bands.

More info here: Global Beatz Festival



Sept. 09, 2016

Paper - video and 2 track single feat. Haris Pilton remix out now!



Download it here:  iTunes   or    Amazon


huge thanks to Bernhard Mayr from for the awesome video.


July 22, 2016


We are playing again at Global Beatz Festival at ((szene)) Wien. This time together with

Özlem Bulut & Adam Project. Looking very much forward - you should too :)






March 14, 2016


Our page got a makeover, hope you like the new style.





November 24, 2015

Album is in stores & media reviews


You can get our album in most Saturn & MediaMarkt, as well as other CD stores around Austria


Saturn Global Groove LAB I'm a stranger



Check out some reviews


Planet Magazine:

Planet Magazine Global Groove LAB I'm a stranger album review


FSM Magazine (page 16)






and a review of our album presentation:





October. 02, 2015

Album out now


We are happy and proud to share with you our new baby. Thanks to all of the people involved and to all the people that made it possible


Global Groove LAB - I'm a stranger album cover order CD from Hoanzl                   download from iTunes                    order or download from Amazon



RONJA* (Austria) – vocals

Coalman (Nigeria) – vocals

Pavel Shalman (Russia/USA) – violin, backing vocals and string arrangements

Bozidar “Boki” Radenkovic (Serbia) – guitars, accordion, bouzouki & backing vocals

Stefan Thaler (Austria/Slovenia) – bass & backing vocals

Martin Peham (Austria) – drums, percussion & backing vocals

Jannis Raptis (Greece) – guitar


Special guests:

Luis Ribeiro (Brazil) – percussion

Haider Khan (India) – tabla & vocals

Pintoo Khan (India) – morchang & khartal

Gudula Urban (Austria) – cello

Turgay Uçar (Turkey) – darbuka

DJ Panko (Spain) – beats & electronics





Sept. 29, 2015

Countdown teasers


In case you missed it on Facebook. Here are our countdown teasers. Thanks to Bernhard Mayr from for the really cool videos.


Join us in the ((szene)) Wien for the album presentation on the 1st of October:


Two more to go in the next two days:









Sept. 24, 2015

First album reviews


The first album reviews are here. Big thanks to Michael Ternai from MICA & Florian Kobler from for taking your time and for the kind words.


Quick summary for our non-German speaking friends: they liked it :)




Join us in the ((szene)) Wien for the album presentation on the 1st of October:





May 13, 2015

Album release date is set for Oct. 1, 2015!


Our album production is coming to an end. The results are kick-ass! Can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Join us in the ((szene)) for our album release concert at Global Beatz Festival with two other great bands. So save the date.


More info here:





June. 05, 2014

See you tomorrow in Israel at the Sunbeat Festival






May. 02, 2014

GGLab is going to Israel


Join is this summer in the mountains of Galille at Sunbeat Festival


We are looking forward!





Feb. 28, 2014

Global Čoček (DJ Panko Remix) out now!


Global Cocek DJ Panko Ojos de Brujo remix Global Groove LAB


We are really happy to share our first collaboration with DJ Panko (Ojos de Brujo).

Thanks Panko, we love it! Hope you guys do too :)


Check it out here on our soundcloud page:




or purchase it here:





Album is in progress!!!





Dec. 06, 2013

Global Čoček – video & single out now!



You can buy our single here: iTunes


Big thanks to all the people involved – it would have not been possible without you, especially our camera man/producer/director Bernhard Mayr from a & b Film & Videoproduktion


Extra special thanks to our sponsor Haubis





Nov. 18, 2013

Video & Single Release Party Dec. 4, 2013 @ Ost Klub


Das Warten hat ein Ende! Kommt und feiert mit uns!

Über 50 multikulturelle KünstlerInnen, StatistInnen, MusikerInnen und

TänzerInnen haben Ihre Hüften und Tanzbeine für unser Video geschwungen.

Gedreht wurde großteils im unterirdischen Weinkellerlabyrinth von Friedl

Umschaid in Herrnbaumgarten.


Hier ein paar Ausschnitte von unseren Dreharbeiten:




Release Party feat.


Pintoo Khan – Karthal (wooden castanets)

Haider Khan – Tabla & Vocals

Tina Rauter – Dancehall (dancer)

Michaela Hamajova & Doro Altenburger – Belly Dance & Tribal Fusion


Don’t miss out!!!





April 30, 2013

Tomorrow GGLab feat. Michaela Hamajova (belly dance)


Here’s little teaser from last time:




Musicians bring your instruments!


more info here:

for their support

Big thanks to: